Friday, July 18, 2008

Magic healing needles

I forgot to mention in my last entry the exciting progress towards my goals. I’ve sent my entry for the Molesworth Muster in. 80kms of mountain biking, here I come!!

On to less interesting news. My right hip has been giving me grief for about 18 months now and at the weekend it finally got so bad that I couldn’t sleep. I’ve been putting off seeing anyone about it because I’m a pig-headed fool and I was worried I’d be told I had to stop biking. I got an appointment with my fantastic Osteo at Merivale Osteopathy on Monday and he gave me the very good news that it isn’t arthritis, thank god!! I’m on the road to recovery already and have had a very good session of acupuncture. There’s obviously something amiss in one of the big muscles in my hip/butt as one of the needles made me just about fly off the table, an experience I’ve never had before despite many needle sessions. I’m very much looking forward to being pain free, its been sore so long I almost can’t remember what that’s like.

Pete and I are doing a skills course on Sunday. Wahoo, I can’t wait. I’m very much looking forward to improving my abilities for riding rocks, drop offs and other obstacles. Riding wise this week has once more just been about commuting, with a couple of rides the long way. I’m off to the gym as soon as I finish this, I really need to try and get there 3 times a week, but work is just insane at the moment and I usually have to work through lunch. Right I’m off!
PS, I'm becoming obsessed with getting a singlespeed!

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Muddy Water Jack said...

Single seed! Velodrome here you come. Youa re having fun aren't you. Good luck for Thursday. I get in at 7.50pm so you will here me about 8.30. Hugs