Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Journey to the Northern Isle – Part the Final

Getting towards the end of the trip and the forest was getting wetter and our legs were getting tireder. Despite this we decided to tackle Hot X Buns first thing in the morning. After a decent climb to get to the top, we, well mainly me, enjoyed the fantastic view from the top and then we were on the way down. Does the phase “bitten off more than you could chew” sound familiar? Yep, that was me. Managed to ride the first 3 decent drop offs, but after that it was basically a walk down for me. It was a bit frustrating after the climb up, but I had no traction and I knew I didn’t have the skills to go fast enough to get the flow the trail needed. I got to the bottom in one piece with very tired feet and a very muddy butt after sliding down a bit of the hill.

After that it took a wee while to get my flow back on Be Rude Not 2, but I did get it back and by the end of the flowing lovely trail I was grinning again. From there we decided to try the Pig Track, which was aptly named. Some challenging rutted out climbs and messy rutty track in between, with no forest to distract you from the pain of the pinch climbs. From there we headed into Soak Hole and after going round in circles for a while headed out of the forest and back to Zippy’s for lunch.
After a delicious lunch I felt a lot like a nana nap, but that wasn’t an option. Back into the forest via the bike track through the thermal areas and we headed up the forestry road to A Trail and then Tickler. Both fantastic tracks and even though I was feeling pretty tired it was so much fun. The climb out back to the house was not good. That night we headed down to Toni and Jeff’s and had drinks and talked bikes for hours, a fantastic end to the day. Plus Toni gave me a load of Total Betty clothes to try on. They are very flattering, but being a bit poor at the moment I couldn’t buy anything.
The next day we decided to try Gunna Gotta even though it had been bucketing down the night before. After an interesting hike-a-bike shortcut to the top we headed off. The track was very wet and slippy. I could see how much fun the track would be if it wasn’t so wet, but it was so wet and again I had to walk a number of bits. Hopefully on the next trip it won’t be wet and I can really enjoy the track. Then it was into town for a last coffee at Zippy’s for hubby, some lovely chocolate cake, again for hubby and a bit of lunch. We then called in to see Jeff at the Kiwibikes shop and Pete gave him the run down on his list of problems. Result, one bike still in Rotorua, in Jeff’s capable hands. Once back at the house the rest of the day was spent lazing and laughing at the crazy sheep and cute lambs.
Watching the sheep turned out to be very useful as one went into labour so we let Toni know. The next morning there was a lovely new orange baby lamb. Cool.
The last day consisted of a long sleep in and packing. In no time I had my bike dismantled and packed and then we were off home.
It was a fantastic holiday and my skills and fitness have both improved amazingly. Only a week and a bit to the Molesworth now and I’m feeling confident of finishing without dying.

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