Friday, November 7, 2008

Pre-race Jitters

The big race is tomorrow. It kinda feels like it starts today as we have to travel to Molesworth Station today. The car is all packed with a million duvets, sleeping bags and blankets. We’ve probably got enough bedding to completely fill our little tent we’ve borrowed (thanks Greg and Sarah). It’s just as well because it was snowing when we left home this morning! What!! It’s bloody November. So that’s making me a bit nervous.
My bike is safely tucked inside the car to protect it from its long gravel road journey into the station. I’m a bit nervous about the drive in too.
I’ve got food for Africa, but I’ve forgotten to bring a pot to heat dinner up in so I’m going to have to whip home and get one. I’m definitely sure I’ve got enough supplies to keep me going for the whole race.
I’m nervous about the distance…..

Have I done enough training?
Will I be able to pace myself?
Will I blow up?
Will I find a bunch to latch onto across Isolation Flats?
Will I get enough sleep?
Will my bike look after me?

Gah! Unhealthy thinking. So here I am at work, going a little bit insane. I just want to get on the road because once we’re at the camp site and all set up I can relax more. The weather forecast looks fantastic for the race, but it’s going to be a cold night tonight.
Wish me luck!!!

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