Sunday, December 18, 2011

Excitement vs. Fear

On Saturday I went for my last “training” ride before the Longest Day on Thursday. 80+kms out to Leeston and back on my roadie. I had a disgusting headwind on the way out and first half wasn’t fun at all. I headed out to Leeston because it was my niece’s 12th birthday party so when I got there I devoured cakes and sausage rolls galore and felt much better.

After a couple of hours it was back on the bike and zooming along with a lovely tailwind. I was quite worried that the fickle wind would have turned on me, but it hadn’t .  That made the ride back home much easier, but I have to say riding a long distance on the roadie is not for me. My butt and sit-bones  were killing me by the end of the ride and my back wasn’t exactly over the moon either.

I was pretty happy with how my legs felt at the end so now I’ve done all I can do riding wise in preparation for the big day. And I’ve tarted up my bike with my Freeload Rack and some orange gerbera’s I had lying around (they’re the flower Arthritis NZ use for fundraising); and ordered a new higher stem for added comfort – to go with my bar ends.

Today I planned out my route around food stops and now I’m feeling a little afraid. It’s looking like 160kms and I’m just not sure I have that in me. I’ve built in some riding that I can trim out depending on how I’m feeling, but my plan involves being out at McLeans Island towards the end of the ride and I’ll have a long way to come home if it all goes pears. I’ve worked out a rough timetable which has made me feel a bit better about it. Manageable chunks and all. If anyone wants to meet up for any portion of the ride my plan is below.

5.45am Leave Home
6.30am Finish feeding ducks at the quarry.
7.30am Rest above the pylon on Kennedy’s Bush just after Siberia flat
8.30am Bottom of the Nun
9.00am Leave Brake Free
10.00am The Brewery for big feed
11.00am Lunch at the pier stock up on food.
12pm Skinnies and resting
1.30pm Spencer park for ice cream and flying fox
3pm Kaiapoi café for food, stock up for later
4.30pm Back at Old Waimak bridge after doing Kaiapoi Island
6pm Mcleans Island carpark. Cruise to Orana park carpark to look at monkeys and rest
7.30pm Burrito Bros in Papanui
8.30pm Hagley Park and a sift round the Red Zone
9.11pm Home and dead.

I watched the 3D fly through, which was pretty cool, and took 30mins! That’s a lot of riding. My plan is to keep everyone updated via facebook, for my friends and Twitter, for those who aren’t.  My twitter profile is . I’ll be posting photos and updates throughout the day so you can all share my pain.  I’ll be checking my txts and facebook regularly as I’ve bought myself a chunk of data for the ride and will be extremely appreciative of any feedback I get, especially from 4pm onwards. I’m pretty such my spirits may be flagging somewhat by then.  So from now till 5am on Thursday morning, I’m going to eating well, sleeping, resting and packing my gear. And of course, soliciting donations for Arthritis NZ at

Wish me luck! I’m going to need it.

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Oli said...

Good on you, Mel! Best of luck and keep on rollin'.