Monday, August 18, 2008

Commitment high.

I said in my last entry that my appalling gym result had motivated me to try harder and in the last week that commitment has really sunk in. I feel more focussed and I know what I have to do each week. For the next month I’m focussing on my base endurance. That means all flat rides, 3 days of my long commute Tues to Thurs, Mon a short commute as a recovery ride from the big 2 – 3 hour road ride on Sunday. Saturday is a play day and Friday is a rest day. Added to that I’m planning on 2 visits to the gym a week and 1 night ride depending on the weather. If I do a night ride, I’ll also do a short commute that day. All of that should work out to about 8 or 9 hours a week. I feel really happy with this plan and last week followed it and by Sunday’s ride was still feeling really good.
Pete and I went out to McLean’s island on Thursday night for a blast. I took Betty, she likes the night. Man it was hard work. I think my gear ratio is a bit easy for McLeans as my legs were spinning madly the whole way and I didn’t have to brake once. It certainly didn’t take long for them to start burning, but I just kept spinning away. I’m definitely starting to enjoy that sort of good pain. It was really really fun and although it was only 35 mins of riding I was at high intensity the whole time. I’d really like to make it a habit and increase the number of laps we do over time.
My new weights programme at the gym is also really good. It’s all free-weights and core work and it hurts lots. I love it. As an added bonus it seems to be really helping get my body in shape for long roadie rides. I don’t get pains in my hands anymore, and my arms don’t get so tired either.
Yesterday I went out for 2 hours to Brighton and back through town. It was lovely and sunny, with only the slightest of icy breezes. The weather was so nice I had my legs out. It felt great to have sun on my skin. It was a bit bracing starting off, but once I warmed up over the wee hills on Cashmere Rd it was lovely and I was grinning. The ride out to Brighton is really nice, however it does have one significant draw back, I always have a head wind coming home. And head wind home means frozen toes. I must remember to wear my lovely shoe covers.
So here I am looking out at the gorgeous sun wishing I was out on my bike. The weather is meant to turn horrific for the rest of the week which will be a test of my current commitment levels. Surely riding in the snow on a road bike can’t be that bad?!

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