Wednesday, August 6, 2008

I’ve Joined the Club!

In my family asthma has always been present. My mum is a chronic asthmatic and when my brother and I were growing up she had some very extreme attacks. From an early age we understood about mum’s puffers. As my brother got older he developed asthma too, so it became quite a family affair. Now I’ve joined the club. I finally went to the doc today about the problems I’ve been having with my breathing, especially at high intensity, and she’s pretty sure its exercise induced asthma. Which, for me, is actually a relief as I was beginning to get worried it was more serious, and I thought I had a touch of pneumonia! Having asthma doesn’t worry me at all. My mum has always been extremely active and I know of many competitive athletes who suffer from the same thing. I’ve got my pair of lovely blue inhalers so hopefully I’ll be tackling Bottlelake on the singlespeed with fully functioning lungs in no time. I’m very much looking forward to being able to breath properly again.


Lisa said...

Welcome to the asthma club - not a fun one, but much better once diagnosed and treated. I find flixotide 2 puffs a day keeps mine at bay pretty well most of the time. I definitely hardly ever get that awful pain I used to get on nearly every ride - especially in the cold. Hope yours responds well too.

Tinkerbell said...

Thanks Lisa, hopefully now I've been diagnosed I'll be faster than before up those hills that used to kill me!