Tuesday, July 28, 2009

When it's good it's very very good!

Ahhh, what a wonderful week of riding it has been here in sunny, yes that's right sunny, Christchurch. And it seems the addition of the beautiful new stead to the stable has fired my enthusiasm significantly. I'm into training mode now and am planning upcoming events, all working towards the goal of taking an hour off my Molesworth time from last year. It seems like a big ask, but I've learnt a lot of lessons and I think I know how to prepare better and how to ride on the day to minimise the necessity for stops.

This past week I've managed 3 roadie rides, one of which is the longest I've ever done on the roadie and it felt good and another of which was great fun with Michelle. I've never really roadied with anyone before and I can now see the attraction of cranking out the k's, all the while gas bagging and laughing. Fun. I also managed to head out on the new bike for a lunchtime ride up Rapaki. Rapaki has been completely resurfaced and is now riding quite a lot like a road. It certainly was on the day I went up as I had to contend with 3 huge Fulton Hogan trucks, a big roller and a digger. Even with the comical in ditch dismounts to let the trucks by I managed to hoof it up the hill in 33 minutes. Oh yes, that is fast for me. And shockingly, it makes me want to climb more. Yes, I've turned that corner in my riding where I actually want to ride up hills. What's happening to me?!
The new stead in it's element, at the top of a hill after a fast climb.

The highlight of the week has to be Flying Nunn. I finished work early on Thursday and managed to convince my lovely husband to do the same and we loaded up the trusty Starlet and headed up the hill for a couple of runs of the Nunn before it got dark. Oh, it was running so sweet on Thursday. Dry, but not dusty and flowing like warm maple syrup over fresh blueberry pancakes (I hope everyone's had a satisfying breakfast this morning). I was feeling determined to ride the whole thing without having to walk. Something I've yet to achieve. I had excellent flow and none of the nerves I felt last time I was here. Everything was going brilliantly and I was riding faster and better than ever before on this track. I nailed the first part I've never ridden and then attacked the nasty rocky corner that psychs me out every time. Bugger. wrong line, oops, falling fast. OW! Knee straight into big rock. Of course if I'd been wearing my trusty knee pads I would have been completely unscathed, but I wasn't. Fool.

Don't worry Mum, this graze isn't as bad as it looks, really!

After limping for a while and then walking it off I was riding again. Pretty tentatively at first, but by the time I got back to the car I wanted to go again. But the blood flowing down my leg and filling up my sock made my caring husband suggest that I shouldn't be pushing my luck. I so wanted to go again, but it wasn't to be. It turns out he was probably right as I managed to give myself a nasty pumpkin soup burn later in the evening so it seems mupperty was my lot for that night.
Sunday dawned sunny, the tracks on the Port Hills were open and a group of 5 chicks and 2 brave men were ready for Nunn repeats. I was interested to see how my legs would go after the 50km roadie of the previous day. Last year a 45km roadie took me about the same amount of time as the 50km ride, but I was broken for a least a whole day afterwards. My legs still felt good on Sunday and although the heavy bike was heavy, not as heavy as Rita's crazy cool downhill bike, I went up the hill pretty well. We did three runs and not once did I manage to get that troublesome corner. Seems some corner sessioning is in order. The rest of the track was brilliant and I got to experience some sideways action for the first time in the last berm as it was a bit wet.
Don't worry Mum, this rock garden isn't as bad as it looks, really!

For your extra entertainment I’ve included this unflattering video (unflattering for me) of what happens when you get a bunch of chicks together for some excellent riding, roadie heckling! Remember kids, white lycra is never right, especially if it’s a bit old.

It was the best week of riding I've had since my broken elbow and I just want more and more and more. I can't wait to get out on the bike tomorrow. What to do? What to do?


Anonymous said...

Many LOLs!

Anonymous said...

Yeh, the flying nun rocks!I looove that bit of track! I did not realise you were hiding a recent rock bite under your knee pads when I saw you lot on Sunday! Good on you for getting out there and hitting it up again!