Monday, February 22, 2010


Unknowingly I have opened up a can of worms with my request for a name for my touring mascot. As I am not inflicted with little children I was not aware that my mascot is in fact something called a Wot Wot and her name is Dotty Wot. Many a parent was outraged my intention to rename her. However I am still keen to run my poll however and I have 3 submissions. Obviously Dotty is one option. The second option is Murphy and Murphy looks like this.

Image curtesy of the artist talents of Craig Tregurtha
My own suggestion is Gypsy because that’s what she is, roaming the roads of the West Coast, without a care in the world. She also knows a trick or two (like clothes herding).
So the poll is up and will remain up until Wednesday evening. Get voting, exercise your democratic right to feel you have the power to influence things you don’t really care about!

In Further News
Map reading is a skill that will come in handy for touring and I thought I’d give mine a bit of a brush up by trying out MTB orienteering for the first time. The even t was held on Sunday at Bottlelake and was heaps of fun. I only got lostish a couple of times and hubby and I had great fun sprinting our singlespeeds all over the place. We got all the points and I’d definitely be keen to do it again. Luckily there’s not much chance of me getting lost on the West Coast since I’ll be sticking to the main road 90% of the time. Only 3 days till I leave and I’m getting very excited!


pink lady said...

Boggily boo!! I love your work, it is awesome

Rebekah said...

Hmmm, didn't I read that you got lost on the Port Hills just last week? I guess as long as you are heading South you will be alright.

Rachel said...

I finally figured out which goat you meant! I initially thought you were referring to the corrugated iron one!