Monday, February 1, 2010

Making a new friend

I would like, if I may, to introduce you to my new little friend. And to apologise for that terrible mish-mash of movie references. This is Rocky El!
I was thinking of nicknaming her El Rocky, but I like the cuss-like version better, because I’m sure over the coming months I will both love and hate her. Rocky El is a loaner bike from my lovely friend Lisa. Lisa has done a wee bit of cycle touring in her time, riding over big pointy mountains in Europe and smaller pointy mountains here in NZ. Therefore I know that Rocky will look after me.

I’ve started making a few mods to her, my seat, course, my pedals and for something a little different the front wheel of hubby’s old Kona which is pretty much brand new and has a much better braking surface that Rocky’s old, slightly groovy surface. Rocky El has also got some lovely skinny tyres now and will also be getting the lovely new grips off the Anthem in the not too distant future. I’ve got the loan of some panniers which I’ll hopefully be getting my mits on this week. Lisa has warned me not to do much practise with the panniers fully loaded and I’m going to heed her wise words, but I would like to do a bit of practise just to get a feel for them.
Riding wise, it hasn’t been too exciting of late. Lots and lots of riding on the road on Rocky to make sure she’s set up right and to get used to it. I’m aiming to go car-free as much as possible over the coming weeks so I get a taste of riding everyday and put some distance in my legs. This is helped by my twice weekly physio appointments which a convenient 45km round trip. Speaking of which it’s time I got ready to get on the bike and head over there. I’m looking forward to a sunny cruise along the river and then I might just head home via Sumner if I’m feeling up to it. I sense I’m going to be aching to hit the dirt very soon.

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Lisa said...

hehe! love it Mel, glad you've made friends and i hope she sees you right on your adventurings! xx