Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Torture Chamber

So gyms. They're fun aren't they? Are they? Well I've finally joined one and got myself a weights programme to improve my almost non-existent core and upper body strength. Sounds all good, but by crikey it hurts.
I went for my fitness assessment on Monday when I was still very sore from Saturday's fun in the mud. It turns out I'm averagely fit, yay, I didn't think I was. And the instructor was a really nice guy who didn't make me feel like a complete un-co learning the exercises so that was really good too. Luckily (?!) my shoulder was very sore still so I couldn't do everything, but I managed one set of all the exercises and 2 days later I'm still in agony (ok, that's an exaggeration, but sneezing kills me).
I didn't go back yesterday as I had an appointment at physio to check out my shoulder and neck. Luckily it's nothing very serious and I've slightly strained the a.c. joint in my right shoulder and strained my neck a bit. The physio thinks it won't take long to come right. I've got another appointment on Thursday, but I'll be going back to the gym on Thursday before I forget how to do all the exercises.
I haven't been on my bike. It's in a sad state and I've booked it in for a service on Friday to make sure all the mud and water that got forced into all it's joints isn't going to damage it. I'm very much looking forward to being able to ride it again. I think it will be a long time before I subject it to such punishment again.


Muddy Water Jack said...

Upper body strength...thats a new concept for this family...legs are strong but ask us to to do chin ups!!!! You are a brave little bugger aren't you? I suggest get the bile sorted and get on it, its much easier on the body than a torture chamber (I mean Gym)./ i syour trainers name Jim? that could make him an Australian falls guy...GymJim. Is that obscure or what? So what are going to do when I am travelling next month and wont be able to give you this fantastic support? I know, improve even more and ypou will be in the Olympic team for Ekatahuna. Hey you are seroius about this aren't you? Go for it! XX

Tinkerbell said...

Thanks Dad, all your support is brilliant. It's great to know someone is reading all my ramblings. Yep I am serious, but not really doing too well this week with the biking. And only 2 weeks till my next race!