Friday, April 25, 2008

We will not forget them

I've just got back from the Dawn Parade for ANZAC day. It was beautiful and moving. Both my grandfathers and the great grandfather I knew fought in the wars. They were all heroes who were decorated. I'm saddened that I don't know more about what they achieved, but I'm sure they wouldn't have talked about it, even if I had been old enough to understand. At the parade I noticed that there weren't very many of the "old boys" left. I was heartened though, to see so many people of my age or younger, with young families, there to show their respects and remember that those men who died did so for something greater than themselves, the dream of peace.
I, and I'm sure most of my friends, can't imagine what it must have been like to travel halfway round the world, to place yourself in mortal peril, to see friends die, to be wounded, to kill. My great grandfather was in WW1, what must the trenches have been like for him. How did my great grandmother cope? Was she in fear of that telegram everyday? My Pop, who died when I was eight, he never talked about the war, but he had many medals. He was a wonderful man, but what horrors did he see? On this day more than any other of the year I feel linked to those brave men who came before me, and their wives who stayed behind. Without experiencing it ourselves we will never fully understand what it was they did for this country and the Commonwealth. They will always be in my heart and I am extremely proud to be of their blood.


Muddy Water Jack said...

Thanks for this Mel. I spent the morning thnking about my Dad and your words said it really really well. This is the day i feel closest to Dad and you are right he never talked about the bad stuff, like getting shot (twice)or friends being killed but it sure took a toll on him.

And now I am packing my bag ready to fly to Istanbul on Sunday. Kim is taking me to the airport cos Kays awat gadding about with Jenny. Mum's arriving at Kay's on Monday so i will miss her.

Thanks for visiting her last weekend she was really thrilled and looking forward to getting a copy of your blog.

Keep up the good fastering work and go hard (but with a little care) biking. luv ya. Will keep checking your blog whenever i can. Will bring back pictures and stories and Intend to head south in July for week or so and will catch up eh.

Muddy Water Jack said...

At Kays place and Anna and Kim are going to cooke me dinner.Just making sure I know how to access this remotely. I get on the big flappy win g bird tomorrow....wahoooo! Luv ya. X