Monday, May 5, 2008

No news is..... boring.

I've been feeling a bit flat since the Mt Somers race. I've realised I don't have anything on the immediate horizon race wise (apart from the 6 night races starting on Wednesday, but they don't really count). Last week was very lack lustre on the riding front. I rode my new road bike into work once, and was in the car for the rest of the week (boo). I had my bike fitted on Wednesday. I was very suprised that it took almost an hour and after riding it for 15 mins on the trainer in the lounge I'm not very happy. I'll be taking out on the road sometime this week so hopefully it'll start feeling a bit better. I really need to sort out a new saddle and pedals for it, but I'm a bit bored of spending money at the moment.

I did manage to get to the gym twice last week and I went again today. I'm going to get my programme looked at this week as its getting a bit easy. I still don't enjoy going to the gym, I'd rather be swimming, but I feel like its helping so I'm going to stick with it.

The weekend was a complete right-off. I was laid up on the couch again this month (grrrr), but the weather was shocking so that wasn't really the end of the world. I am very much craving a ride on my bike. I was dreaming about learning to jump the other night, it was such a fun dream. Pete and I are doing a skills course on Sunday so I might be soaring in no time!

Well an update from yesterday when I wrote the preceeding words. My skills course has been postsponed until July, so that's boo. I feeling quite down at the moment. (I should probably go back and read my blog to remind me of what I've done so far). I'm really struggling with the fact that my extra weight doesn't seem to be moving for all the extra exercise I'm doing and all the careful eating. I had a horrid ride in this morning. My legs just wouldn't work at all and I'm feeling quite blah now after getting back from the gym. I'm hoping tomorrow night's race will pop me out of the this wee funk I'm in. Anyway enough complaining. Time to suck it up and sort it out I guess.

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