Saturday, May 24, 2008

On the roadie again, I just can wait to get on the roadie again

Night racing again on Wednesday night. It was a lovely warm night with a big full moon over the forest. I was slightly over dressed with my long sleeved marino and long sleeve top and my 3/4 pants and bike shorts over the top. I was a little too hot as I pushed myself round the course as fast as I could go. After Saturday I knew I could go hard out for the length of the course, although by the end my fastest isn't very fast really. My goal for this race was to push hard the whole way and really power up the hill in the middle and I achieved that. By the end of the race I could hardly walk when I got off my bike. Complete jelly legs, more jelly than I've had at the end of a race before. The good thing was that by the time I had my bike attached to the back of the car my legs felt pretty good and by the time I was home they felt pretty good. I got 5th in the race and was very happy with that, bring on the next race.
I rested on Thursday so yesterday I thought I'd go for a decentish ride on the road bike on the way home. It was cold and windy yesterday, the weather is a bit gross at the moment, however I felt like trying a bit of a ride out to Tai Tapu and back. I'm getting more used to the different position on the road bike, but it really hurts my hands after about 20 minutes, and kills my butt (man, I have to get a new seat). The ride was pretty nice, but by the last 20 minutes or so my left hip was killing me and it was beginning to get really unpleasant. My hop was hurting enough that I wasn't really pedaling very hard and cold was starting to seep into me. It was extremely good to come home to a nice warm fire and a hot shower. I've just ordered some clippy pedals for the road so we'll see if that helps me go faster and not hurt so much.

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