Monday, May 12, 2008

Sore legs, a Flying Nun and Vorbettes

After my night racing experience on Wednesday night I was feeling quite tired on Thursday (actually very tired after a bad night’s sleep from too much food and exercise too late at night), but I had to go to the gym to get my new programme. This turned out to be something I was still regretting on Saturday! My old programme really concentrated on core strength and upper body strength, but my new one has some leg work thrown in for added torture, and some free weights. I didn’t really do much on Thursday, just enough to learn the new moves, but by Thursday evening my thighs were burning. I was a bit worried about this, but they didn’t feel too bad on Friday morning so I pushed myself pretty hard on the long way to work. By 10.30 my legs were really hurting every time I stood up and I was feeling a bit dubious about going to the gym. I went anyway as I didn’t want to forget how to do the new exercises, but I only did one set of the leg exercises. By the afternoon I could hardly stand up and in the end I had to ring Pete to come and pick me up as I couldn’t ride my bike. Saturday came and my legs were still super sore and I’d developed a very amusing looking hobble. I was pretty grumpy all day Saturday, but by Sunday morning my legs were feeling much better (thanks Antiflamme) and I arranged to meet up with some Vorbettes for a bike ride in the afternoon.
For those who don’t know what Vorbettes are, there’s a great website called Vorb where people can arrange rides, talk about cycling related stuff and have a bit of a laugh. Hidden away from prying eyes is a secret area just for girls and those who hang out there are known as Vorbettes. I am proud to say I’m a Vorbette. They are an amazingly supportive and cool group of women who have made my biking obsession grow even further and I’ve learnt heaps there in just the few months I’ve been there. I really can’t say enough good things about them.
So yesterday I arranged to meet up with a couple of these lovely ladies for a ride. We decided to head up Kennedy’s Bush, and then down Flying Nun and Old Dyers Pass Road. To say it was slightly chilly on Kennedy’s Bush would be to understate the nasty wind that was cutting through our clothes, but it was still a fun ride. The girls were great about waiting for me, and I really enjoyed pushing myself as hard as I could to not be too slow. My legs seemed ok until we got to the nasty top section and I was reduced to pushing much sooner than normal. I was however very happy with my bike lifting abilities. I’m much stronger now than I was a couple of months ago and had no problem lifting my bike over any of the gates and fences (yay gym!?).
At the top we could see all sorts of nasty weather all around us, so we pushed on up to the top of Marley’s Hill and to the divine Flying Nun.
This is one of my favourite tracks, and while it was a bit wet and slippy in places I have a great time on the many lovely bermed corners and even managed to ride more of the rocky sections than I’ve ridden before. There’s currently some new bits of track being put in, but I didn’t ride any of it because it looked a bit wet. I was feeling grateful for my improved upper body strength when I took a particularly bad line down one rutted, rocky section, but my bike and my body position pulled me through with a big grin on my face. After Fly Nun we took the extremely muddy, or perma muddy, Old Dyers Pass Rd track down further. I had a great time blasting down this and I hope the other girls did too.
After a great ride we headed to Coffee Culture and met up with more lovely Vorbettes and had hot drinks and cakes and fabulous fun conversations. All in all a bloody brilliant day with lots of great new people.


Muddy Water Jack said...

Well Ihave emerged. I am in Perugia, look at for more info.
So pleased at all the stuff you are doing and your attitude...or is that altitude. keep up the good work and you will have four that an obsession or what? Will keep an eye on your site from time to time. Also checxk facebook. hugs to you my flying Tinkerbelle.

jo said...

It was a great day wasnt it. :-) Glad to meet you in person.

Tinkerbell said...

It was great to meet you too, so cool to be out riding with new people. Girly rides are so much fun.