Monday, June 2, 2008

The winter gloom

No new words last week, which is very naughty. Again not much happened. I had a couple of good sessions at the gym and have sorted out which exercises hurt my silly knee. My race on Wednesday night was quite awful. I was feeling under the weather all day (work was pretty intense last week) and really couldn't be bothered heading to the other side of town in the cold, it was freezing, but I "saddled up" the steed and headed out. I just couldn't find my legs in the first sprint along the 4wd tracks and that didn't improve. I really should have gone for a warm up ride as I was soon aware that my seat was way too low and my legs were tiring because of it. Eventually I stopped and put it up and went a lot better after that, kicking myself for not stopping sooner and sorting it out. I was very glad to be wearing my new shoe covers as it was really cold. By the end, actually quite a while before the end, I was well and truly over riding and just wanted it to be over. Amazingly I managed to finish in under an hour, just, so I guess I'm sort of happy with that. There was 165 people racing, which is amazing so it looks like the last 3 weeks will be great.

Thursday was just a day of doom at work so I had just a short ride in and a short ride home and felt pretty wrung out. On Friday I woke up feeling really bad, my chest felt like there was a lead weight clamped to it, so I had a day in bed. Which in turn lead to a lazy long weekend of recuperating. The good news is I finally managed to get a seat for the roadie which I picked up today. Its lovely, much better than the seat that was on there, plus I got it for a real bargain. I had a half hour spin on the trainer this afternoon and it felt pretty good, despite being very thin looking. Not a lot of riding for the long weekend, but I am feeling much better. And it means I got lots of housework, painting, cooking and shopping done, plus a great visit to the art gallery.
Oh and lastly, a wee bit of excitment on the weight loss front. I've lost 5 kgs as of this weekend so I'm half way to my November goal, yay.

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An Avanti!!!!!! And Blue!!!!!!