Friday, June 6, 2008

The legs, they learn to spin faster!

Wednesday dawned as yet another in a long line of stunning sunny days here in Christchurch (man this winter is nice!). In complete contrast to last week I woke up excited about the night race, so it was on my mind all day. This is a good thing. It means I can listen to my body throughout the day and make sure I’m feeding it right to give it the power it needs to sustain almost an hour of sprinting (for me it feels like sprinting, I’m sure its technically not sprinting). Seems like I got the feeding balance right and I was rearing to go by the time I got to the sand pit. It was another clear and cold night, my fingers were frozen attaching my number to my bike. There were less people than last week, but I was slightly further forward in the bunch at the start and met the partner of a friend from work. She’s lovely and very very fast and strong. She does solo 12 and 24 hour races!!
In no time we were off and this time my legs were working so I thought I’d held my place in the bunch pretty well. It was a blistering start again, and by the time we hit the single track I was still in quite a decent sized group, a first for me. I was chasing Anna (lovely vorbette) through the first sections of singletrack, but she was being held up a bit by the guy in front of her. Once we got to the second section we were all just cruising as a group of about 8 of us were stuck behind a very slow person. On the plus side this meant I was well rested to attack the hill and while Anna pulled away from me on it, by the time we were heading across the top I’d caught back up which was very satisfying. It was the push uphill through the sand that saw her pass me again (need to get back to the gym), and then she was off into the distance. I was happy with the speed I was maintaining along the beach as I could still see her in the distance, it’s always good to have someone to chase in the dark. I even managed to negotiate the thick sand corner that’s had me off the last 2 weeks without a hiccup.
Frustratingly for Anna it wasn’t long after this I can across her on the side of the track with a non-lethal Velcro failure was meant I got to nip past. I put the speed on a bit from there to try and catch the guy who was now in front of me, which I did just before we re-entered the single track. This meant I was able to put some space between Anna and myself.
I was really noticing my lack of suspension through the forest at this stage. Every bump and jerk was tiring and constantly fighting to keep the bike on the track makes me quite slow in some sections. Luckily I can remember where the really big holes are so I haven’t crashed yet (touch wood). Finally into the last section of singletrack and I was completely unsurprised as Anna called through on the right. She was off like a shot after being held up and try as I might my legs were not up to the task of chasing her. I popped out of the forest and told my legs to step up, now would be the time someone could pass me. Seemingly I had eaten enough and drunk enough coke (wonder drink for racing) and they had a little more to give and I made it over the line less than 30 secs after Anna. While she was frustrated, and rightly so as she’s much faster than me, I was super stoked with my effort. The times went up and I’d managed a great 55.19, over 2 minutes better than my best time. I definitely feel like the roadie is beginning to help me get my cadence up as my legs were going round faster ever. Check out for the series standings (I’m in open women). Next week is the final race and although I’d love to get out and do some laps at the weekend I just can’t see it happening as I’m very much afflicted with bad PMS, I’ve even had to take the proper pain pills which I try and avoid unless its agony.

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Muddy Water Jack said...

Hey well done form us here in San Francisco! Heee heeee but I am heading home (boooo hooooo. Keep upmthe good work you are doiong gr8.
Luvs ya.