Monday, June 16, 2008

A bit of spade work

What a lovely weekend it was, sunny both days and very warm. Saturday resulted in a fantastic ride out at McLean’s Island with another Vorbette, her partner and a couple of their friends. McLean’s Island is flat, fast and flowing single track with lots of bermed corners that encourage you to go faster and faster. I really like it as a place to do laps for training at night once day light savings starts. It’s just over 10kms long and the track is one way which makes it much easier and safer to blast around at high speeds. In summer it’s full of families, which can be a little frustrating, but when we were there it was pretty much family free and we didn’t have to wait to pass anyone.
I could really tell that the night racing series has improved my fitness and cornering abilities a lot. I was a lot faster than I’ve been before (would be good to get out and do a few timed laps on the night rider) and I was getting a really good lean on in the berms. I had a pretty silly grin on my face almost the entire time I was there it was so much fun. We did a couple of loops and I would have loved to go again, but my stomach was telling me it was a long time since breakfast so we parted ways with the promise of more rides in the future.

Sunday was another gorgeous day. Pete and I were going digging at Living Springs at lunch time so I went out for a quick hour’s ride on the roady. It was really nice. I had a nice average speed of 26.4 kms (which meant I did 26.4kms as I was out for exactly an hour) and really enjoyed zimming along the back roads in the sunshine. I had an unpleasant few minutes behind a tractor towing a wide trailer full of sillage (peee-eeewww), but apart from that it was an uneventful flat ride that left me with a nice burning feeling in my thighs. After a quick shower and throwing together some sandwiches Pete and I were off to Governers Bay.
Living Springs is privately owned land that has a camp on it and a couple from Christchurch have got permission to build a network of mtb tracks on it. I’ve been looking forward to getting over there and doing some digging for a while. The track we were working on is gorgeous, following the course of a small stream, surrounded by native bush. Just lovely. With tools in hand we found where the digging was going on and were shown the basics of digging benched singletrack. Feeling a little bit like we didn’t really know what we were doing we got to it. I haven’t sweated that much in a while, (except on the bike of course) it was certainly a good work out. It was extremely satisfying seeing a bit of dirt transformed into track in a shortish space of time and then seeing people riding it and knowing you have just built that. There were about 28 people helping build, which is a huge number, so the track shot through the forest very quickly. It was really great getting out and helping to giving something back to the community. And getting to spend time doing something fun with my lovely husband was brilliant.
I was very tired after a couple of hours of digging and very excited about taking my bike over there and having a spin on the tracks. These tracks are going to really add to the great trails that are available in and around Christchurch. Wahoo.

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Muddy Water Jack said...

I dig that you dig digging tracks!