Sunday, March 16, 2008

Bowenvale Traverse and Vic Park

I didn't do any riding on Saturday, I spent 5 hours doing maintenance on my various bikes and the day disappeared. So I thought I'd tell continue the story of Friday's ride. I should say that Saturday will be weighing day (aarrrggghhh). I'll be keeping track of my progress weight-loss wise by weighing myself as soon as I get up every Saturday. Starting weight is 80 kgs :(
The Traverse is my most favourite track. It clings to the the side of the hills just beneath the summit road and links Rapaki/Mt Vernon with Vic Park. Its wonderful benched single track, that's challenging (and as you get better) pretty fast. Well it seems very fast when you know making a mistake could you disappearing down the hill, with a flight in the rescue helicopter to follow. (A few people have had very nasty accidents on this track involving too much speed). There's a couple of tricky rocky sections and one big intimidating rock half way along, but apart from that its pretty smooth, flowing heaven. I had a great ride on it on Friday, getting though the rocky sections (including the one where I've gone over the handle bars before) with no problems. I was pretty exhausted by half way along, but still wanted to give the big rock a go as I've never tried to ride it before. I actually managed to get on top of it, but didin't have enough power to make it off the other side. Now I know the next time I'm up there I'll be able to ride it no worries.
The Traverse spits you out at Vic Park and here there are many choices. 4wd tracks, downhill tracks, single track or the road. Usually I stick to the 4wd tracks as the downhill tracks scare me silly. But for a long time I've been wanting to have a look at what is considered a beginners downhill track, Gum Trees. A couple of weeks ago I went down it for the first time, walking almost the entire first half. Tonight I was determined to ride the whole thing (especially the scarey rocky, drop off invested first part). And I did..... well almost all of it. There's one hairpin in the middle I need to get, but I'm still super proud of riding the bits I did. My skill levels have improved hugely. My rear brakes, with their new brake pads, were giving me grief, but I made it to the bottom of Bowenvale ave in one piece, and even did some great jumps on the way. Yay, I'm really excited about the level my riding is at currently.

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