Tuesday, March 11, 2008

First, a bit of background

How did this all begin? Well about 2 years ago I weighed just over 90kgs and I was not very happy about this (given that I'm only 5ft 3"). I'd recently given up smoking after a good 12 years of the habit. However I hadn't given up my addiction to the couch and various games consoles. But I was highly motivated, I had a wedding coming. So I listened to my wonderful fiancee and got on my bike (and completely changed my diet). At first I was rubbish and couldn't even ride up a short hill. There were plenty of tears and tantrums but by the time I got married I'd lost 15kgs and was feeling pretty fit.

I kept eating right and biking lots, but I stopped being so strict (I'd lost the weight by eating bugger all most of the time) as I couldn't stand being hungery all the time anymore. Annoyingly my weight has crept back up. But on the plus side, my biking has improved hugely.

So that brings us to the here and now. I've become more and more passionate about biking and got fitter and fitter, but I really feel like my weight is holding me back. I've started this blog to chart my progress over the next year or so. I've got a few wee goals I want to achieve.

1. Lose 10kgs by November 2008
2. Complete the Molesworth Muster (http://www.bluedogevents.co.nz/MolesworthMuster.aspx) in 2008
3. Lose 15kgs in a year
4. Be competitive in the Sherwood Enduro 30km race and the Mt Sommers race

Apart from this blog I've come up with a cunning plan to keep me motivated: a new bike. My lovely husband has agreed that if I can lose 15kgs we can spead $300 per kg on a bike, so if I lose more I get more to spend on a bike. Yay!

So here we are. I'm 33, overweight and I want to race mountainbikes as fast as I can. Its going to be a tough and fun year.

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