Thursday, March 27, 2008

PMS is Evil!!

Hmmm, this week is not going the best. I had a nice rest day on Sunday with just a wee walk in the Port Hills to give my legs something to do. Monday I got all keen to go to Godley Head, what a mistake. I've never been there before so wasn't at all mentally prepared for the up hill, or the technical, rockiness (somehow in my brain I'd imagined it was flatter). As soon as I started climbing I realised I hadn't recovered enough from the race on Saturday as my heart rate skyrocketed and I couldn't catch my breath at all. Add to that incredibly insane hormones and you have a disaster waiting to happen. I won't bore you with the depressing details but let's just say after a lot of pushing, a couple of near misses (not even that near, I was just overloaded with adrenalin) and some track that I should have been able to ride super easily, I was a completely panicked, shaking, gibbering wreck. Not good. Having said that I can't wait to go back when I'm not such a cot case.

Since then the riding and exercise has been almost non-existent. I've been suffering horrid PMS pains and on the ride to work yesterday I actually had to stop and get off my bike for a couple of minutes it was so bad. It's so frustrating that one week out of every month is like this. I'm really not holding my breath for much in the weight lose area this week.

On the plus side, I got a lovely bunch of roses from Pete which has cheered me up immensely and had a delicious and fun night out at Volcano in Lyttleton on Monday. Yay. The diet is going well and I'm not too insanely bored with salad yet. Eating the carbs at lunchtime definitely seems to be helping the food cravings in the afternoon so that's good and I've started taking a supplement called Chromium again, which helps even out blood sugars.

Finally, I'm currently on the look out for riding buddies for winter and hope to be able to hook up with a group ride on Wednesday or Thursday nights that goes up Rapaki. I'll need to get some good lights and get faster!! I'm pretty excited about finding new people to ride with.

PS For a photo of me climbing the hill at Tekapo go to, I'm even smiling.

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Muddy Water Jack said...

Yep, Prime Minister Servants are evil. there needs to be a campaign to get rid of them. If fact get rid of all Ministers Prime or Minor, they should all go.....they make rules and rules rule which cannot be good for us. Anyway keep up the spirits (no, not the liquid ones). Be strong, not over ambitious, I know you will get there and get that hardout downhill bike. Hugs X